Saturday, May 31, 2008

HSKS 5 Quidditch Round One ~ Fourth Clue

Well done, good and faithful student!! You are almost there for the portkey that you seek is just beyond the Whomping Willow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It was like Christmas in my house this evening!

Look what an amazing parcel Adele sent to me!
More details over on my blog. Thanks Adele, it really is the best parcel in the world.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I finally managed to get my pictures off my camera and uploaded! More details on my blog.

It came today! Yea!!

Yea! I was a little worried about my package because I was out of town for two weeks and they claimed there was no package for me at the post office. But, there it was waiting for me today when I got home from work. Lovely Gina from Hawaii sent Merlin the Cat Yarns' Superwash sock yarn in Ravenclaw colors, some really cute pins, stitchmarkers, one of those keychain sock blockers with a pattern as well as yummy Hawaii coffee, pencils and a lovely handmade sock bag. That is really impressive - the seams are excellent (Did you use a serger?) - and to top it off, a copy of "Charmed Knits." Such a nice treat!

Sorry about the poor photo but this sock yarn if great! Unfortunately, this makes six new skeins of sock yarn acquired since the L&V sock marathon started - and only three pairs knitted. Do you think I can bring my knitting to the new Harry Potter movie?

Monday, July 9, 2007

Swap-Bot RoundUp

Okay, this should be the last thing that you have to do for this swap, I promise! Please leave a comment saying who you sent your swap package to, if it was received, and if you received a package yourself. That should clear everything up and then we'll be done with it :)

Thanks for your patience in this, ladies! I appreciate it!

My HSKS Swap Arrived!

Actually, it arrived weeks agon and I posted on my blog, but neglected to give Katherine her props. It was a lovely swap. My favorite was the stitch markers. Bling for my knitting!

There are pics on my blog:


Thanks to Kelly

I can't believe I forgot to post here!! I got my package 2 weeks ago and loved it!! I blogged about it on my blog but check out the pics here, cuz it was awesome. If you click it it's bigger and better. Check out the baby dragon...

Thank you Kelly (justaknitwit)