Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quidditch Games

I just had to jump in here and spread a little of the Quidditch excitement around! :)

The Quidditch games will consist of more trivia and a little scavenger hunt. There will be three rounds of Quidditch during this swap. For each round I will need one volunteer to hide the Golden Snitch. Of course, that means that person will not be able to play during that round, but they will have two other rounds to try their luck. In order to hide the snitch you need to have a dynamic blog, meaning that you need more than one page to your blog to make it a little harder to find the snitch. See my blog as an example. Look at the navigation to the left - Witherspoon Cabin.

Each Round of Quidditch will last until the Golden Snitch is found or one week. The points schedule is below:

House Points & Prize
25 points - trivia questions answered
50 bonus points - Entire House answers trivia questions
150 points - finding the Golden Snitch

The House that earns the most points will each receive a plaque that can be displayed on their blog:
Individual Prizes
Of course, there has to be a special prize for the person that actually finds the Golden Snitch. Here is what that person will receive:

1st round (May 6th - 12th) - 1 copy of Friday Night Knitting Club and Hogwarts themed book mark

2nd round (May 20th - 26th) - 1 copy of Charmed Knits and Hogwarts themed book mark

3rd round (June 10th - 16th) - $20 worth of Hogwarts Sock yarn

Oh! I do LOVE giving prizes :) I hope you guys are excited too! If you would like to hide the Golden Snitch during one of the rounds just shoot me an email to bordeaux700 at yahoo dot com.


kiki said...

absolutely great idea!! i´m looking forward for the 1st round - this will be an fantastic fun!

Laura said...

have we already been assigned a prefect? also, i'm not on the participant list under ravenclaw. i just wanted to be sure i was fully admitted to the swap! thanks!

Gramknits said...

Help! How are we figuring points? For example there are 20 in Ravensclaw so if everyone answered then that would be 100 points. How do we come up with the 30 and 96% One person not answering would be 5% didn't answer? I must be missing a brain cell here. Sorry to bother... it must be a brain delete but I want to get these points in correctly.

Cheryl said...

I too am wondering if I am in Hufflepuuff officially...I signed up at swapbot and emailed my info, I will post the questions on my blog just in case I had the good fortune of getting in

Black Purl said...

It's because the calculation is based on 100% divided by the total number of each person in each house, then multiplied by the number of respondents.

For example, if my math is correct, you get 96% for Ravenclaw because 100 divided by 30 equals 3.33 (3.33333333333). 3.33 multiplied by 29 is 96.57%.

Hope that helps.

Jenean said...

Something like that LOL I just took Algebra last year!

I take the number who participated and divide that by the total number of House members. I then take that number and multiply it by 100.