Monday, April 16, 2007

Prefects & House Points

Good day to you!
I wanted to explain a little more about the prefects. Each House will have 4 prefects, so at most each prefect will oversee 12 swappers. Most probably prefects will over see about 8 swappers. That is with the hope that we get some Slytherins to sign up!

Prefects will check the sites of those that they are assigned to oversee once a week to see if they have earned any House points. They will total up the House points earned and let me know. Some points will be kept by the prefects and some points will be kept by me so that I can ensure honesty in reporting points.

House Points can be earned numerous ways. Continual points will be earned for swappers that have the logo displayed on their blogs and when swappers answer the trivia question at the top of the page correctly, and until you are assigned to a prefect you can email me with your trivia answers.

Just as there is a Quidditch tournament at Hogwarts there will be a modified Quidditch game here. Each House has the opportunity to win between 50 to 150 points for their house during the Quidditch game. More details on the game to come later.

All the ways that points will be earned:
5 pts - HSKS logo displayed on blog
5 pts - Weekly trivia question answered
10 pts - Weekly swap progress blog posts
20 pts - Package received by swap partner
25 to 150 pts - Quidditch

Just as each House can win points they can also lose points, so make sure that you are at least posting and displaying your logo!!


orange buttercat said...

Hi - Anybody out there with a Mac that can give me some hits as to how to put the logo on my blog? I can't use the blogspot tool bar with Mac. Thanks everyone!

Michelle said...

Do we answer the trivia questions on our blog? or by email?

Jenean said...

You can email me your answers :)

kiki said...

hi orange buttercat,
you can use the blogger-toolbar with the browser firefox.
just try it---
best kiki

orange buttercat said...

Thanks Kiki! I will give it another go tonight after bedtime : )

dobarah said...

I put the button in my template in the side bar section. Before I put the image there, I posted it to the messages so I could right click on that image, save the link, then transfer it to my template.

Now I just need to send the answers to jenean!

orange buttercat said...

OK - I broke down and used my ancient PC to add the logo to my blog! Sorry for taking so long Gryffindors - our house here has some sort of bug making kids and parents sick.