Sunday, April 22, 2007

House Points & Other Business

Hello, everyone!
It's time again to total up House Points :) Note: the points are cummulative each week.

Congratulations goes out to Ravenclaw House! They are leading the way at the moment. This is due largely because almost all of their members have the logo posted on their site. That's 5 points each!

Gryffindor - 20

Hufflepuff - 25

Ravenclaw - 45

Slytherin - 5

Thank you to those that have volunteered to be prefects. You'll notice though that the most coveted House has no prefects at all. Come on, ladies! Some one needs to volunteer :)

Posting Logo
Some of you have posted the logo on your site, however, it would be best for you to put the logo in the sidebar for the duration of the swap and not just in a post. If you need help with that speak up.

Trivia Questions
Yes! Please post them on your blogs. The prefects will be checking your blogs weekly to see how you are racking up the points for your House.


Bronwyn said...

Is it OK for those of us using Livejournal to just make it in the posts? I don't have a paid account so I can't put things in my sidebar like you can on blogger.

Jenean said...

Yes, Bronwyn, that's fine. I'll be sure to tell your prefect.

Just so you know, though, you don't have to have a paid Blogger site to put images in the side bar. This is a free site for me and the images I have on here I've just uploaded from my computer. So, you might want to think about switching, girl!! :)