Friday, July 6, 2007

An owl found it´s way to me, with my prize from the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap.
I found the snitch during the first Quidditch round! It´s the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club", this book is so nice! Thanks you so much Jenean!

But the book wasn´t the only thing, a bookmark was also in the package!

Its a cute phial of felix felicis. It´s so nice.

Here is everything prepared for ht next Clue of the Mytery Stole, so

I´m going to look if it´s out!

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Jenean said...

I'm so glad that it got to you, Nala! I think this was the first time that I've ever sent anything so far away from my home :) Didn't cost as much as I thought ;)