Wednesday, June 13, 2007

House Cup Winner & Hogwartly Business

Hello, ladies!!
We have a winner!!

I've taken the points from last week's trivia and this week's Quidditch points and added them to the total points for each House. These are the final percentages -

Gryffindor - 48%

Hufflepuff - 33%

Ravenclaw - 31%

Slytherin - 31%

So, a hearty congratulations goes out to Gryffindor for keeping a steady pace throughout the swap and earning the House Cup!!

Prizes will be going out in the mail this week. These are the winners. Round two has two winners because I made a mistake in verifying who found the snitch first.

Round One - Nala - The Friday Night Knitting Club & bookmarker

Round Two - Michelle - Charmed Knits, Anne - Charmed Knits

Round Three - Ansley - A skein of yarn from Cosmic Fibers

Perfect Prefect Award
This is a special award that was not announced, but I feel the efforts by this individual prefect can not be ignored. So, without further 'adoo' I present the Perfect Prefect Award to Sarah. Thank you for all your hard work. Your efforts definitely showed in the level of participation from your group :)

Last Day
Last day to get your packages in the mail is Thursday, June 21st! So, it's time to wrap up your projects, make those last minute purchases for goodies to go in the bags and send them on their way!! If you do not receive a package by June 30th, please send me a private email.

Sign-ups for HSKS2 are well underway! The next round will be a lot less active in terms of trivia and such. So, if you enjoyed this swap be sure to sign up for the next one!


kiki said...

thank YOU jenean for this great and special swap. i enjoyed it eyery moment.
with greetings from germany!

knitting dragon said...

thank you Jenean, you've really made my day!

Thank you for a lovely swap! Can't wait for the next round to start!

From a very smiley prefect!

orange buttercat said...

Congratulations all around! Fab job done by the snitch finders, trivia question answerers, prefects, and Jenean! Thanks and see you in round 2!