Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Literally Out the DOor

We are leaving NOW I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to Carrie. I have the greatest sock kit. A most exquisite bag they had to grab from me and say leave it home, I may still sneak it, heehee, they're not looking..heehee....KP needles, glorious, a most fantastic yarn, a great pin, a stupendous pattern, oh so glorious bookplates, sorry if I have forgotten...... they are in the car, can sneak the bag, heehee..Pics of it in Ireland...a grand letter from Carrie. CARRIE!!! She is dharmafey from Cosmic Yarns, how many times have I posted that link on blogs. I have tons of her yarn, and she sent me yarn from another etsy dealer, LOVE ETSY, oh oh beautiful pearl stitch markers, I want to wear them as earrings...oh oh they are calling Me...must go. Carrie I will email when I can...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! shhhhhhh...the bag, pattern and yarn are in my bag...shhhhhhhh..heehee..heehee oh no here they come. Take care everyone, Ireland will never be the same..heehee..two weeks...sorry no pics the bag is awesome, gosh they are coming up the stairs......bye...

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