Saturday, May 5, 2007

House Points

Hello! Happy Cinco de Mayo to my stateside friends!
I will post later on Sunday about the Quidditch games, but I wanted to get in here and post the House Points for the week before I head off to work tonight. A few surprises, I might add :)

1 st place - Ravenclaw - 96%

2nd place - Hufflepuff - 90%

3rd place - Slytherin - 88%

4th place - Gryffindor - 84%

I'm excited to say that many of you are showing your House colors like true Hogwarts students. There are only about 2 that are not participating in the trivia.

More on the first round of Quidditch to come!


kiki said...

GO GRYFFINDOR! don´t be so lazy -
we are the proud house of harry, ron & hermione!

dobarah said...

I agree...let's go GRYFFINDOR! Show your pride!

Anonymous said...

It's okay Gryffies, we Hufflepuffians are pretty glad with how you're doing :D Keep it up! :p