Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quidditch - Round One

The Golden Snitch Has Been Found!!!

So, sadly for some, that is the end of round one. I will post the total points earned by each house a little bit later.
Congratulations goes to Gryffindor and Nala, who will be the recepient of Friday Night Knitting.

House Points Update
I've taken total points earned and divided by total points possible for each House and these are the results!
1st Place -Gryffindor 59%
2nd Place - Ravenclaw 43%
3rd Place - Slytherin 27%
4th Place - Hufflepuff 22%


Nala verstrickt said...

I found the sntich!!!
But it wasn´t easy ;)

kiki said...

questions done & pictures found!

Beck said...

Yeah for Gryffindor and Nala!

Laura said...

What do we do if we haven't heard anything from the person we're spoiling, no response to emails or blog comments? Is there a way to confirm whether they're still participating?

meg said...

Wait, what??? When did Quidditch start? What questions? Was I supposed to get an email or something? :(

dobarah said...

I signed up with Bloglines...which lets you know (sort of quickly) when there is an updated message on the blog. That round of Quidditch sure did go quickly! Yeah made the house proud!

Michelle said...

Man am I bummed I didn't even know it had started.. and i swear I'd checked the blog.. but when there's sick kids in the house... days can go by without even realizing it... bummer!

Anne said...

I'm a little confused about house points. How did Huffle go from 90% to 22% in the space of under 1 week? I have about half the Hufflepuffers, so.. it'd be nigh impossible to be at 22% if I know that all but 1 of us had points for trivia last week?

I guess I'm just really confused as to what you are including in that 'total' calculated points you're dividing by, or by something. Gryph getting the golden snitch shouldn't change us from 90 to 22% and last place overnight.

Beck said...

The 22% for Hufflepuff is just from the quidditch, not everything else.

Michelle said...


I think the 22% is for everything else because not one single Hufflepuff had the trivia on their site or participated (as I'm assuming) in quidditch at all. I checked everyone's site, and no one has one thing posted at all about quidditch/trivia/or pictures. Big bummer, so we'd have 0% if it was only based on quidditch... Right?

Jenean said...

Michelle, you are right. 22% is what you guys have as a total from week one and week two. You can still make a great come back from that, so not to worry!

Anne said...

Yup it's combined, since apparently most of us are on the east coast and checked the site for the day before anything got posted, and had no clue how it was going to work or what to expect.

I don't think a comeback is mathematically possible unless all of gryph decides to sit out the rest of the entire swap, but at least now we know what to do for those of us who did want to participate and try to have fun with it.