Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sign-Ups Are Now Closed!

Hello, all!
Thank you so much to all those that have joined us for this session of HSKS! I know that we are going to have a blast :)

Sign-Ups are now closed. If you've missed the deadline, but would like to join in on the second session, please visit us again at the beginning of June. We currently have 53 swappers! Yeah! If everyone keeps earning those House points I know that we'll have even more next round.

Reminder to participants!! Ignore the Swap-Bot assignments that go out! I will be working out the assignments today and will send you your partners information via email. As you know, this is my first time using Swap-bot. For the next round I will be sure to do an International and U.S. only swap.
To keep track of packages received so that we can update the Swap-bot points for each person, I will open up this blog for posting to those who register in a couple of weeks.

Percentage Points - I asked my math genius of a husband to help me figure out how to use points & provide percentages and we figured it all out :) I will add up the points that each House is earns and divide that by the total number of points that are possible for each house in order to get my percentage. Every week I will add the cumulative points and use that same process.

Points wiped clean! So, right now we are going to start with a clean slate. We'll consider the last two weeks to have been practice weeks. Now that everyone is settled into their Houses and the member numbers have stopped fluctuating, it will be much easier to keep score.
That means all prefects will need to, again, count the number of logos posted, as well as the trivia for this week, and report back to me.

Right, then! I'm excited! Right now, though, I have a dentist appointment that I must go to. When I get back I'll start the assignment process, so make sure to check your email box!!


April said...

OK - what am I missing. I cannot find the trivia. I see it on peoples blogs - but not here!


Anne said...

Up at the top in the header, April - there's a new question there each week.

Also, one suggestion. I know a few folks who won't enter because of the use of swapbot. I don't much like their system either, but wanted to participate anyhow. You might consider not using it at all and see if that impacts participants.

Jenean said...

I will definitely consider that, Anne. I'm only using it because I thought it was a good way to keep people honest.