Monday, May 7, 2007

Quidditch In Detail

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First, my aplogies. I did make a rather large post concerning the Quidditch sessions; however, I failed to refer to that post again once all the sign-up frenzy was over. I must say, though, that it went quicker than I thought it would go.

Now that everyone is here and accounted for I shall attempt to explain again the rules of Quidditch. You can also find a link to your left that leads to the previous post concerning Quidditch.

The Rules:

**Rules Update**
For the next round
- The trivia questions will go up on Sunday(not this Sunday, but the 20th) and will remain up until the Snitch is found. The Snitch will be released on Wednesday of that same week. This was suggested by Laura from Ravenclaw - 10 extra points for Ravenclaw!!

The Quidditch games will consist of more trivia and a little scavenger hunt. There will be two more rounds of Quidditch during this swap. For each round I will need one volunteer to hide the Golden Snitch. Of course, that means that person will not be able to play during that round, but they will have two other rounds to try their luck. In order to hide the snitch you need to have a dynamic blog, meaning that you need more than one page to your blog to make it a little harder to find the snitch. See my blog as an example. Look at the navigation to the left - Witherspoon Cabin.

Each Round of Quidditch will last until the Golden Snitch is found or one week. After the Snitch is found the trivia and scavenger pic information will be removed from the site! So, be sure to get your answers up before Wednesday!!
The points schedule is below:

House Points & Prize
20 points - trivia questions answered
5 points - Picture Scavenger Hunt
50 bonus points - Entire House answers trivia questions
150 points - finding the Golden Snitch

The House that earns the most points for all three rounds will each receive a plaque that can be displayed on their blog:

Individual Prizes
Of course, there has to be a special prize for the person that actually finds the Golden Snitch. Here is what that person will receive:

1st round (May 6th - 12th) - 1 copy of Friday Night Knitting Club and Hogwarts themed book mark

2nd round (May 20th - 26th) - 1 copy of Charmed Knits and Hogwarts themed book mark

3rd round (June 10th - 16th) - $20 worth of Hogwarts Sock yarn


meg said...

Thank you for clarifying! Google Reader didn't let me know that the original post from April 24th had been updated. Now I know.

Michelle said...

Jenean, what are the picture scavenger hunt items? I did go back and find the snitch on your site, but I didn't see any other pictures and can't find the info on it.. thanks.

Anonymous said...

okay.. so.. if there are trivia questions outside the weekly ones.. those are found... where? and.. emailed? I mean, I'm reading the rules, so perhaps I'm just dense, but this isn't making any sense to me.

Michelle said...

Anne, check Tammy's site under Ravenclaw, she's my spoiler, and I checked her site just because I do.. and she has a list of trivia questions posted... I can't find them anywhere on the sock kit swap site, and since I've never heard from my prefect, I just wondered allowed if maybe they were emailed... (I'm a Hufflepuff, 'michelle')

Beck said...

The trivia questions for quidditch were posted in a post by Jenean this past Sunday I believe. As for the images, Michelle, she also listed a number of images to be found and posted to your blog along with the trivia questions. I went to Google Images and typed in, for example, "Uncle Vernon" and then saved whatever image I picked.

Michelle said...

I guess that post must have only been up for a few hours because it's gone.. again, hugely bummed because I know I checked the site on sunday looking for new trivia questions, but then was sick yesterday so I never checked again... the worst part is that NOT one person in Hufflepuff (my house) has the info on their sites... so now our house is way in the hole...

Anonymous said...

A deleted post would explain it - I also didn't realize that the questions would be 'hidden' on someone's site too. we'd be in the hole regardless, Michelle. If 3/4 of the people in the swap didn't know about most of the quidditch stuff, the 150 pts for the snitch alone in the first round would mean a lot of houses are way behind. And I am a prefect and had no idea how this was working/that a post went up with questions or some kind of info and then got deleted, so don't feel bad.

Grats Gryphy on the cup and enjoy the swap all!

Beck said...

It looks like the post is gone into the blackhole of Blogger. The trivia questions were included in that post and are not, as far as I know, hidden on someone's site. Only the golden snitch is hidden.

Laura said...

I think she took the trivia down when the snitch was found to make sure that no one else tried to sneak in extra points on their blog. When the snitch was found, the game was over, and the trivia disappeared. I saw the trivia posted Sunday night, and put it on my blog then. (Laura under ravenclaw). Maybe it would help to put the trivia up 24 hours before releasing the snitch?

Michelle said...

I like the idea of the trivia being up 24 hours before hiding the snitch.. that gives everyone a chance to play.. otherwise maybe we could be notified of the time that the trivia will be posted on the start date... because I'd be sure to find a way to check for the post around that time on the first day of the quidditch match.. I know I checked on Sunday, I just checked before anything was ever posted.. Thanks for all the help guys.. I just didn't realize/understand how the quidditch would be played...

Jenean said...

Laura, great idea!!! Thank you. This online Quidditch game is all new and I definitely appreciate your suggestions. They will be implemented during the next round for sure :) 10 extra points for Ravenclaw!!

Tammy's Knitting Again said...

The questions went up pretty late I didnt notice them until about 10 or so alaska time and so I posted my answers and found the snitch all by about 11. I am glad that the rules changed a little bit to make it fair for everyone that is trying to participate.