Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yesterday evening I knitted a small pouch for the stichmarkers, which I "baked" on thursday ;)
I hope my pal like the stichmarkers. On the photo is just one half of them, the others show the initial of my pal and I don´t wan´t to blab myself ;)
What do you guess whats my pals house ;)


Anne said...

It's not an anonymous swap.. chances are your pal already knows you are going to be spoiling her.

Very cute stitch markers and little bag for them, too! I can't knit things that teensy very well. :)

Beck said...

Nice job. I gave up on making my own stitch makers (for now). I wouldn't want to reveal all the goodies on the blog either - it might not be a secret swap, but a little surprise is nice.


Jenean said...

I need to learn how to make those kinds of stitch markers! Great job! :)