Tuesday, May 22, 2007

House Points

Time to relax again, ladies :) New trivia will not be posted until Sunday. Here are the House Points thus far:

1st Place - Gryffindor - 55%

2nd Place - Ravenclaw - 49%

3rd Place - Hufflepuff - 40%

4th Place - Slytherin - 25%

The race is really between all three of the top Houses. Hufflepuff did find the Snitch, but had low participation in the trivia and pictures. If they had higher participation we would have seen them rise even higher. Gryffindor's participation was also rather low this time around, so it is very possible to steal 1st place by either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff during the next and last round of Quidditch!! Be ready, ladies! The last round will take place June 10th!

Congrats to Anne who is the winner of a new copy of Charmed Knits and a themed book marker!!

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pumpkin said...

hey mom i made two new pages so if i could LADIES and MEN if there are any) can you get your teens to go on it